I think anything that catches your eye can be transformed into a piece of jewelry. That’s why I aim to focus more on the potential of materials rather than appearances, and preciousness/financial value is not a point of interest. I rarely sketch anything, I am avoiding thorough measurements, I like to keep it at an instinctual level. I do enjoy experimenting with different media, but I seldom come back to my favourite combination – non precious metals [such as copper and brass] upon which I apply certain surface treatments [in order to alter their natural aspect], and raw, unpolished semiprecious stones. For me, metal has an enormous transformation potential, thing that gets me exploring various techniques.

Oh, and I like cats. Maybe I should’ve started with that.


  • Tincallab ” Jewelry & Technology” group exhibition, Porto, Nov 2018
  • Zain Design Expressions, Cluj Napoca, Oct 2018
  • Camera Lucida group exhibition, Bucharest – Brussels – New York, 2017-2018
  • Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair, Bucharest, May 2017
  • Tincallab “Jewelry & Cinema” group exhibition, Porto, Nov 2017
  • Zain Design Expressions, Cluj Napoca, Oct 2017
  • Cluj Design Days, Cluj Napoca, Oct 2016
  • Accent Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition, Bucharest, Feb 2015
  • Autor  Contemporary Jewelry Fair, Bucharest, May 2014
  • Autor  Contemporary Jewelry Fair, Bucharest, Nov 2014
  • Virtual exhibition ” The sound of silence” on beautifulpeopleliveart.com, 2013

EDUCATION [jewelry related]

  • 2013 & still counting : individual study
  • 2015 : Pigments on metal workshop, Alchimia Jewelry School in Firenze
Letitia Pintilie

photo by Robert Puțeanu