Reality has a different meaning to every single one of us. Who we are, what we’ve been through, where we live, what we do – the answers to these questions shape our perception of the world, it’s just our version of what is real.
Besides the fact that what I see does not equal what you see, after a while, what I see does not equal what I’ve seen. This is the result of the continuous change in us, in our way to make sense of the world.
This collection is to be seen as a set of basic instruments [25 letters] which can be used to decipher, describe, re-invent, express, pass on a personal story, a “picture”.
You take the letters, you choose the how, the where and when, you play, you change, you understand what’s there and what is not, you speak, you bring, you see the meaning or you don’t.
But who’s to say what’s real or not?