“The mirror has two faces ” for Camera Lucida jewelry contest

One brooch consisting in 5 dettachable pieces.

On Wednesday, 18th of October, at Galateca Contemporary Art Gallery in Bucharest, Romania, Assamblage will present the results of the international contemporary jewelry competition Lucida. Organized with the support of the AFCN – The Administration of the National Cultural Fund, the exhibition will be opened until 3 November 2017.

Abstracting the notion of camera lucida to a more general idea of aiding tool, if we imagine that the mirror is being replaced by a sequence of past events, we can reckon history as a way to provide perspective to present’s issues, and look for answers or solutions to fix or to avoid world scale mistakes.




But since the device is as good as its users, a lot is still left for us to analyze, interpret, decide, choose, draw conclusions.

What do we put in? Where do we draw boundaries? Do we focus on details or do we see the broad pattern? What do we make of it? What do we leave out?



“The mirror has two faces” is a project that consists in a group of entities [materials, maker, design, components, handler] working together as a narrative tool that requires sensorial attention and makes demands on both the viewer and the wearer.